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Cable Ladder HL2

Product description

Hesheng Cable Ladder is an economical wire management system designed to support and protect electrical wires and cables. Cable LadderHL2 with the solid cross bars is different from the HL1 of perforated cross bar, which is permitted in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Hesheng Ladder cable trays are designed to carry heavier cable loads compared to the standard perforated cable trays. This product group offers easiness in vertical applications. On the other hand the form of cables ladders offers natural.

Ladder cable trays includes two longitudinal side members connected by individual transverse members and provide solid side rail protection and system strength with smooth radius fittings and a wide selection of materials and finishes. Materials available: Aluminum, Mill galvanized Steel, Steel HDG, and Stainless Steel. Cable Tray Rung Spacing is available in 6", 9", 12" and 18" and Load Depths are available in 3" through 9". H.S. Ladder Cable Tray is certified CSA, UL, NEMA, and approved for use in nuclear applications and is generally used in applications with intermediate to long support spans of 12 feet to 40 feet and as power cable or control cable support system.


Formed side rails are welded to 15⁄8 in. wide rungs to provide maximum rigidity and strength. Rung design includes exclusive cable tie slots on 1 in. centers.


A fabricated structure consisting of integral or separate longitudinal rails and a bottom having openings sufficient for the passage of air and utilizing 75% or less of the plane area of the surface to support cables.

The maximum open spacings between cable support surfaces of transverse elements do not exceed 102 mm (4 in.) in the direction parallel to the tray side rails (rung to rung).

Solid trough

Solid sheet welded to steel side rails below rungs. This design offers added cable protection.

Basic Information

Product Specifications

Bending components and Brackets

Schematic diagram of the Cable Ladder space layout

Production Process

Production line for Metal Cable Tray Here is processing line of cable support system and welcome to visit our plant

Packing and Delivery for Cable tray

Packing Method:
1.In bundle
2.Wrapping Film,plastic tape, Plywood pallet.
3.Plywood Pallets is optional for wire basket cable tray
4.Carton for accessories
5.As per requirements

Installation case on site for Hesheng cable support system

Installation cases on site for cable tray with holes, metal cable ladder,metal cable trunking,wire mesh cable tray,wireway, cable channel,solid bottom cabletray, polymer alloy cable tray,which can be applied for the Aluminium Processing Plant , Steel Plant , R&D and Production Base of TCM Thermal Power Plant, Data Center ,Seaside Engineering, Oil & Gas Downstream, Waste Incineration, Power Plant.

Product application program

Actual Test on Site