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HT1 Hesheng Metal Cable Trunking With Wide-Range Fittings

Product description

Hesheng Cable Trunking HT1
Hesheng CableTrunking HT1 is ideal solution for instrumentation cable and electrical cable runs in industrial or commercial cable management applications, helping eliminate the need for conduit or ladder, used for cable and wire junction, distribution and termination
Hesheng CableTrunking HT1 allows for holding down or cable attachment, and heat dissipation. 
The continuous Hesheng CableTrunking HT1 provides constant cable support. Our products consist of Wire Mesh Cable Tray, Cable Tray with holes , solid pan bottom cable tray, Cable Trunking, Cable Ladder, Wireway, Strut Channel and accessories, which can be widely used in construction, energy, electricity and plant. We passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, UL Certificate (U.S.A.), and CE Certificate (E.U.)
Every straight piece of our perforated cable tray has an average length of 3000 mm, other length available against the requirements of the customers.

Standard finish of H.S. Cable Trunking as below,customize available:
·G---- Pre-galvanized steel
· H---. Hot Dip Galvanized
·S4 -- Stainless Steel SS304
· S6-- Stainless Steel SS316
· A---. Aluminium
·FRP- Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics / GRP H,S

Cable Trunking Advantages:
· Cheap and easy installation method.
· The cables are enclosed in trunking, there is no risk of cable insulation to be damaged.
· Cables are safe against dust and humidity.
· Alternations are possible.
· Long Service Life.

· Expensive compare to other wiring systems.
· Care and good workmanship are needed to ensure a successful installation.

Basic Information

Product Specifications

Components and Brackets of Cable Trunking HT1

Schematic Diagram of the Cable Trunking Space Layout

Production Process

Production line for Metal Cable Tray Here is processing line of cable support system and welcome to visit our plant

Installation Guide for HT1- T Tee

Packing and Delivery for Cable tray

Packing Method:
1.In bundle
2.Wrapping Film,plastic tape, Plywood pallet.
3.Plywood Pallets is optional for wire basket cable tray
4.Carton for accessories
5.As per requirements

Installation case on site for Hesheng cable support system

Product application program

Actual Test on Site


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